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Starlight is an established coven and grove in Melrose, MA. We are a traditionalist, hierarchical BTW group in the Blue Star tradition. Our current membership ranges from their mid-thirties to forties, though any potential candidates are not judged by age. Our members vary in career and life choices. Most of us live in the Greater Boston Area, primarily north of Boston. We are accessible by car or public transportation from the Boston area, as well as commuter rail. Students outside of this area will be considered, but must be willing to travel for circles and classes.

In general, though our practice is not family centered, our personal lives tend to be. We value mirth as well as reverence in our lives. We try to balance reason and academic approaches with direct experience.

Sacred feast is important in our craft, since food is central to our continued existence. We make many of our tools and candles. Our circles are rife with liturgical music and singing. Gender balance is valued, but not to the exclusion of qualified candidates. Diverse lifestyles, and not-diverse lifestyles, are all welcome.

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