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Home Again

by Tzipora (tune of “Tumbalalaika”)

Let me tell you a story of a cowan one night
Who went to a circle with eyes wide and bright.
The circle was open, the Lady’s light shone.
Our friend gently smiled, and knew he was home.


Eko, eko, Aradia
Eko, eko, Hecate, Freya
We’ll teach your children year after year
To love with their hearts, live without fear

The Priestess walked over, lifted his head,
Gazed into his eyes, still no words were said.
He opened his hand, said, “I know not much.”
The Priestess laughed lightly, said, “Perfect Love and Trust.”


Our friend is now with us, a Pagan at heart
His story has ended, his life a new start,
To walk in Her garden, sing out Her song,
Laugh in Her sunshine, for all lifetimes long.

Posted June 7, 2015 by Tigira

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