Regarding Kenny Klein

On the passing of Kenny Klein:

Saturday July 11th, Kenny Klein passed away due to complications from pancreatic cancer. He was an elder of the religious tradition of Blue Star Wicca, and was influential in its growth and development in the 1980s and early 1990s. He was convicted in 2017 of twenty counts of possession of child pornography. We believe that the verdict reached by the jury was appropriate and just and have no doubt that he was guilty of the crimes for which he was brought to trial, and of others for which he will never face justice. We believe his victims, and we are relieved that they have finally obtained some closure, even if his victimization of them has not been and will never be addressed by the justice system. 

Nothing in our religion in general or our Tradition in particular suggests we should tolerate, let alone accept, such predators or the crimes they commit. Abusive or exploitative behavior will not be tolerated in any group of which we are part. We condemn Klein’s abhorrent crimes as we condemn all acts of sexual exploitation and abuse, whenever, wherever, and by whomever they are committed. We are aware that Klein influenced many people’s lives, and many people are experiencing complex emotions at his death. We hold compassion for those who are grieving for the man they thought they knew as well as the people who will now never find closure from the damage he did. 

We cannot change the fact that Klein is part of our Tradition’s history, but we believe he did a number of good things that should not be stained by his condemnable actions. He initiated many individuals of good character who have proven themselves to be both good people and good Priests and Priestesses. His students initiated others, who initiated still others, all of whom have generally proven to be good, just, and honorable persons. Many of the people in this Tradition, perhaps even a majority, are a result of his presence.  

We would humbly ask that the rest of our Tradition not be tarred with the same brush as Kenny Klein. Most of us have condemned him for his crimes. We are not responsible for the crimes he committed. Many of us were not part of the Tradition then to pay witness; many of us have never met him, or only met him in passing.

No one person can speak for the Tradition, but we of Starlight Coven and Grove may speak for ourselves.  We are committed to not stand idle. We affirm that, as individuals and as members of our autonomous group,  we act to prevent abuse, we ensure that people are safe in our groups and at our gatherings, and we remember that no one’s actions are  considered beyond reproach. We do our part to contribute to a culture of awareness and safety. 

Our Tradition is full of wonderful people we are happy to call our Family and our Tribe. 

Lady Euterpe, 3rd Degree, Aurora Coven & Grove

Niamh, 1st Degree, Aurora Coven & Grove

Posted July 18, 2020 by Tigira

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